Magical Fluid Art: We create flowing colors and organic patterns

Luz and I (Patrick) work in the fascinating world of Fluid Art. This technique allows us to create images characterized by flowing colors and organic patterns. Let me tell you how we make these artworks and what materials we use.

Our creative process begins with choosing a canvas or surface on which to bring our liquid paints to life. We value high quality canvases that provide good adhesion and a stable surface. It is important that the painting ground is strong enough to support the flow of the colors without sagging.

Next we prepare our paints. We use high-quality acrylic paints that are diluted with a special pouring medium (mostly Floetrol) or a pouring medium that we make ourselves. The Pouring Medium improves the fluidity of the colors and allows them to interact with each other on the canvas. We carefully mix the colors to achieve the desired nuances and contrasts.

Once our paints are ready, the actual artistic process begins. Luz and I pour the different colors onto the canvas one by one and let them flow gently into one another. We use fluid art techniques, tilting and moving the canvas in different directions to direct the flow of colors and create interesting patterns and effects. It is fascinating to watch how the colors interact with each other and combine to form a harmonious overall picture.

Here we create one of our abstract paintings


This is what the finished product looks like:

You can find the picture Celula de paz in the online shop:


Throughout the process we are careful not to mix the colors too much to get clear lines and contrasts. Sometimes we also use tools such as straws or brushes to specifically influence the flow of the colors or to create special effects.

Once we are happy with the result, we let the artwork dry. Depending on the thickness of the layers of paint and the ambient temperature, this can take several days or even weeks. During the drying process, the colors continue to develop and unique structures and textures are created.

For us, the process of creating fluid art images is not only a creative collaboration, but also a journey of experimentation and mutual inspiration. Each work is a unique piece that captures the magic of flowing colors and reflects our shared passion for art.

Our images, created using the Fluid Art technique, invite the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of colors and shapes, in which the boundaries between control and chance are blurred. They radiate a dynamic energy and a certain lightness that allow the eye to go on a voyage of discovery and find your own interpretations.

Working with Luz enriches my artistic process. We inspire each other, share ideas and create something unique together. The combination of our individual styles and preferences leads to a fascinating diversity in our artworks.

For us, Fluid Art is not just a technique, but a way of expression and freedom. It is a playful dance with colors that allows us to express our emotions and visions in a dynamic and sensual way. We hope that our works will inspire viewers to unleash their own creativity and discover the beauty of fluid art.

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